Kosher Corner Supermarket: The place for all your Kosher needs and more.

Customers can expect to find whatever they’re looking for at the Kosher Corner Supermarket, which carries traditional supermarket items like groceries, the best quality produce and top quality SBD Beit Yosef meat and poultry.

What sets this supermarket, located on 2055 McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, apart from other supermarkets, is the personalized service and dedication that its owner Yehuda Cohen and his staff give to each customer. They make each customer feel as if they are the only customer and pride themselves on knowing the wants and needs of each special shopper.

Visit their recently revamped Butcher Department. For your peace of mind they have decided to only carry SBD Beit Yosef Meat and chickens. Amazingly, Kosher Corner’s Rock-Bottom prices have not sacrificed the top quality and freshness of their meats and poultry.Selling the highest quality Beit Yosef meat available, the butcher here is known for everything from cold cuts and chicken cutlets to chops and steaks.

The other section of the store customers’ love is the Fruits and Vegetables Department. The large selection and the best quality produce is what bring customers from the entire Tri-State area to Kosher Corner.

The take-out departments menu ofma’aza, salads, rotisserie chicken, cold cutsand even Gefilte Fish is constantly adding new products and delicacies to cater to our clientele’s desires.
Kosher Corner is the only Supermarket where even the Non-Jewish workers know more about Yashan and Cholov Yisrael than most observant patrons.

Specials are the name of the game at Kosher Corner. During the year, they advertise over 40 specials a week as well as many more in-store specials.

During the “Passover Season”, Kosher Corner is the ONLY Mega Passover Supermarket where every item is Kosher for Passover allowing you complete peace of mind of shopping without any concerns of Kashrut or confusion of what is ok or not for Passover. The unmatched selection and size of our Mega Passover Supermarket attract customers from as far as Mexico and Los Angeles. Once again, we will be delivering to the Miami Area for Passover- so start your shopping early to assure availability of having a true Brooklyn style meal at your Seder.

If customers want certain items that they don’t see in the store, Manager Avi Cohen encourages everyone to tell him or any employee and to also e-mail the store with requests. Customers can e-mail to place delivery or pick-up orders.

The store is open Monday – Thursday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday, 7 a.m. to 3pm, and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For the Passover Season, they will have extended hours with hours extending to midnight.

After 30 years of serving our loved community we look forward to serving you with an even better experience for the next 30 yrs with our Kashrut, Service and Integrity.

Kosher Corner Supermarket Inc.
2055 McDonald Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11223